The Cultural Association of Vall de Lord is an institution founded in 1946 by a group of residents of Sant Llorenç de Morunys interested in the history, traditions, cultural heritage and landscape in Vall de Lord.

The geographic and climatic peculiarities of Vall de Lord, with a territory which, from the bottom of the valleys, around 800-900 meters above sea level- rises up to 2383 meters in Peter dels Quatre Batlles in Port del Comte, determine a rich variety of fauna and flora. Regarding the fauna, the chamois and capercaillie (hard to find) are two of the most characteristic species of the mountainous areas of the Valley.
The vegetation is represented by the oak, holm oak and red pine and black pine. Among the shrubs, highlights the box, wich forms a curious forest in the Valielles area, in the foothills of Busa.
This page will collect pictures of the Vall de Lord more characteristic flora and fauna. We expect your cooperation in providing photos and thus enrich the gallery.

Photos nº 1, 2 = Capercaillie /  nº 3 =Heron /  nº 4, 5, 6 = Chamoi / nº7  = Black pine forest in Serra del Verd / nº 8 = oak forest in Vilamantells / nº 9 = Big oak in els Juncarets / nº 10 Box forest in Valielles / nº 11 Female capercaillie /nº 13 Salamandra/ nº 14-15 Fox/

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