The Cultural Association of Vall de Lord is an institution founded in 1946 by a group of residents of Sant Llorenç de Morunys interested in the history, traditions, cultural heritage and landscape in Vall de Lord.

The gothic altarpieces

The church of Sant Llorenç has two magnificent Gothic altarpieces worthy of admiration: the Saints Michael and Juan Bautista, and the altarpiece of the Holy Spirit. The ability to afford these works should relate to the benefits provided to different families of the village, by the activities associated with the manufacture and marketin of woolen cloth, a traditional industry of the Sant llorenç village that since the time low-medieval, lasted until the nineteenth century.
The altarpiece of St. Michael i St. John is located in the apse on the left side. Its authorship is attributed to the painters Jaume Cirera and Bernat Despuig and was conducted in the first half of the fifteenth century. The three tables on the left represent facts about St. Michael, while those on the right refer to John the Baptist. The two saints are represented together in the central panel of the altarpiece.
In relation to the altarpiece of the Holy Spirit, we know that existed in 1400. It was made by renowned artist Pere Serra few years before that date, Codol family instances, a line of wool merchants that later will achieve Canalda barony. The role of the altarpiece was to decorate its funeral chapel originally located at the bottom of the church left aisle. The altarpiece is surmounted by a painting of St. John the Evangelist, under which, in the central panel, shows the scene of Pentecost. On the left is painted different scenes from the life of the Virgin, while on right the scenes are related to St. John.


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